Friday, February 18, 2011

Didn’t get the gift you really wanted on Valentine’s Day?

My gift to you is longer, more beautiful lashes!
Right now we are offering buy one, get one free LATISSE® kits. This is a terrific opportunity to try the product everyone is talking about!

LATISSE® is one of the most requested products in my office, and the first and only FDA-Approved lash growth treatment used for the purpose of eyelash enhancement. With LATISSE®, my patients can expect to see longer, fuller and darker lashes in as little as four weeks. It is an excellent alternative to false eyelashes and leaves patients with natural looking and feeling results.

LATISSE® uses the active ingredient bimatoprost, which works with the eyelashes you already have to make them longer and fuller. The product is a topical solution you apply once a day to the base of your lashes.

The potential of LATISSE® was discovered accidentally as a side effect from a glaucoma medicine called Lumigan. Patients who used this medication developed longer and thicker eyelashes.

Years of research followed and LATISSE® was created by the pharmaceutical company, Allergan. Allergan performed studies and made changes to ensure that LATISSE® was safe and effective for general public use.

There has been a growing interest in the product since it was introduced in early 2009, and with this interest has come misconceptions. Many patients are concerned about using LATISSE® because they are afraid that it will change the color of their eyes. As earlier stated, the medication that is used in LATISSE® was originally created as a glaucoma medication. In extremely rare instances, there was a change in eye color when the glaucoma medication was applied directly to the cornea. However, in the clinical trials there were no patients that reported this side effect. At Greenville Dermatology, my patients have never experienced a change in eye color.

As with any prescription treatment, you should consult a doctor to determine if LATISSE® is right for you. Call Greenville Dermatology (864-242-5872) to make an appointment and find out how you can benefit from LATISSE®. You’ll be batting those lashes with confidence in no time!

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Radiant Winter Skin

That's right, it doesn’t have to be a bleak midwinter for your skin!

We have had more snow this winter than we’ve seen in over twenty years and your skin is starting to show it. If you’re experiencing the typical winter dry skin, I have some advice that will help ease the irritation and itch.

You have heard that drinking eight glasses of water a day is key to keeping your body healthy and hydrated, but it is a common myth that drinking a lot of water will help hydrate dry skin.

Instead of guzzling gallons of water, there are a few things that will help and not leave you feeling bloated! For example, hot water tends to dry out skin, so when showering and especially washing your face, turn the faucet until the water is lukewarm. When finished, apply moisturizing lotion while your skin is still slightly damp so your skin will absorb it more quickly.

Not only hot water but also hot air will dry out your skin. If you have to have the heat on (and who doesn’t in this cold weather?) turn on a humidifier to keep moisture in the air.

Postpone the facial peel until the weather warms up. While exfoliation keeps your skin glowing, masks and peels draw moisture out of your face.

I have access to a wide array of gentle cleansers, masks and moisturizers that will keep your skin looking radiant even in the blistery, winter months. Call (864) 242-5872 today to schedule an appointment!