Friday, July 8, 2011

Questions to Ask Before Getting Cosmetic Dermatology

Deciding to undergo cosmetic dermatology is an important decision. Before you jump into it, there are a few questions you should ask your doctor.

Questions you should ask:

1. Do you know your dermatologist?
It’s ok to ask for a background or examples of past work. It’s your body so you need to be comfortable.

2. What are your options?
Ask your doctor about your treatment options and which he/she would recommend for you. This includes both products and costs that you are agree with.

3. Who administers the procedure?
If your doctor isn’t the one who will be with you on the day of your procedure, find out who will be and ask to meet him or her. It can also be reassuring to ask where your procedure will take place so you know what to expect.

4. What are the typical results?
Always ask about the recovery process and be aware of any potential side effects. You should know what to expect and be prepared

Your dermatologist should also ask you some questions:

1. What is your medical history?
Your dermatologist should know your complete medical history before performing any procedure.

2. What results are you looking for?
Your dermatologist should care about what is important to you.

3. Do you have any questions or concerns?
Your dermatologist should be willing to give you ample time and his or her full attention to make sure your questions are answered and you are confident in your decision.

Remember: You’re in charge of your body. Take control and be confident in your decisions by choosing the right dermatologist and asking the right questions!

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