Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Good Genes vs. Good Living

People will often credit their health or appearance to “good genes” as if lifestyle choices and environmental factors don’t play into a person’s issues with weight, longevity, or premature aging. Granted Mother Nature does have a role, but she can only carry a person so far. You might look at the photos above and think I’m displaying before and after photos of my work. Actually what you are seeing is a set of identical twins whose very different lifestyles created a severe aging disparity.

I constantly remind my patients that we’re a team. I’ll do my part providing the best in medical and cosmetic dermatological care but outside of my office they need to practice good living. If you thought it was all just “doctor-speak” when told to use sun screen, eat right, don’t smoke and exercise you can see for yourself that poor choices will show on your face.

A study of identical twins with obvious aging gaps narrowed the most damaging factors to sunbathing, smoking, and stress. Twin 1, the older looking twin, lived in California for thirty years, worshipping the sun year-round. She was a pack-a-day smoker, liked to drink, and dealt with some very stressful life situations. Twin 2 lived in Maryland with limited sun exposure, never drank or smoked, and lived rather stress free. She looks a good 10 years younger.

If you’re a smoker with too much sun exposure, you probably do look older than nature intended. But that doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. It’s never too late to start living clean, and laser resurfacing, chemical peels and topical treatments can drastically improve skin quality, shrink pores and fade age spots.

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