Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Palomar Laser at Greenville Dermatology

Lasers have been used to treat all kinds of dermatological and cosmetic skin conditions. The technology has been around for years and like cell phones, has gone through several generations. Compare your new iPhone to the old Motorola DynaTAC 8000. It stored thirty numbers, gave you half an hour of talk time, and took eight hours to charge. Likewise the difference between old and new lasers is just as vast.

When looking into laser treatments, it’s important to know that all lasers are not created equal. A lot of the technology that’s out there is simply out-of-date. Burning off layers of skin has become a catch-all with claims that it will treat discoloration, wrinkles, unwanted hair and surface veins. The procedures are painful and leave patients with swollen, red faces.

I consistently look for new technologies and procedures that enable me to deliver genuine results to my patients. Our new Palomar laser’s patent pending microfractional technology uses laser energy microbeams to precisely space treated areas of skin at a microscopic level, leaving some skin perfectly intact. In the treated areas, the body's natural healing process creates new, healthy tissue to replace the areas of affected tissue, resulting in healthier, younger-looking skin. The untreated areas maintain the tissue's stability for quicker recovery.

With this new laser we provide an initial free consultation to evaluate skin type, discuss expectations and give an overview of the process. Most procedures take 30-45 minutes and require 2 to 5 sessions. With this new laser we are able to treat laser hair removal, stretch marks, brown spots, vascular and pigmented lesions (broken blood vessels), and scar visibility reduction and have found that the Palomar laser treats all these conditions quickly and cost-effectively.

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