Monday, July 16, 2012

Best and Worst Cities for Skin

A recent study by Daily Glow revealed the best and worst cities in America for your skin. The cities that ranked at the top of the list tend to have little sunshine and low ozone rates.  The worst cities for skin are hot, dry and have a lot of sunshine. Specifically, California contains three of the five worst cities for your skin in the country.

Daily Glow determined that Portland, Oregon, is the best city for your skin due to low pollution and ozone rates.  Las Vegas, Nevada, is the worst city for your skin due to the high population of smokers and high amounts of sunshine. Although Greenville was not included in this study, researchers found nearby Charlotte, North Carolina, to be the seventh worst city in the country for your skin because of high ozone and pollution levels.

As reported on Good Morning America, the study looked at the 55 biggest cities in America and determined the rankings based on the number of melanoma cases, percentage of smokers and number of dermatologists per capita. The study also took into account the amount of tanning salons per capita, climate conditions, air pollution and ozone rates.

Below are the top five best and worst cities for your skin:

Best Cities for your Skin:

1.       Portland, Oregon
2.      San Francisco, California
3.      Seattle, Washington
4.      Baltimore, Maryland
5.       Chicago, Illinois

Worst Cities for your Skin:

1.       Las Vegas, Nevada
2.      Phoenix, Arizona
3.      Fresno, California
4.      Sacramento, California
5.       Los Angeles, California

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