Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I recently came across an interesting link on that lists some common skin cancer myths and correlating facts. I wanted to share it as some of the facts may surprise you!

Myth 1: 80% of a person’s lifetime sun exposure is acquired before the age of 18.

Fact 1: Actually, only about 23% of lifetime exposure occurs by the age of 18.

Myth 2: Ingredients in sunscreen may cause cancer.

Fact 2: Current research shows that when used as directed sunscreens are safe and effective.

Myth 3: You cannot get sun damage on a cloudy day.

Fact 3: You can, and you will – 80% of harmful rays can penetrate clouds and fog.

Myth 4: Only Caucasians develop skin cancer.

Fact 4: While Caucasians are at higher risk of developing skin cancer, non-Caucasians are more likely to die from skin cancer because it is more difficult to spot and because of belief in the misconception noted above. Click here to learn more. 

The overall lesson is that you need to wear SPF 15 or higher – no matter your age, skin color or if it’s a cloudy day! For more myths, visit:

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