Monday, January 27, 2014

The Best Skin Care Apps

The secret to beautiful, healthy skin is at your fingertips. With a simple download to your smart phone, you can now scan, snap or swipe for advice and prevention tips on just about every health topic. Skin care is no exception. Use apps to:

Look your best
From insider tricks for loosening and cleansing blackheads to recipes for homemade exfoliators, beauty advice apps are available in abundance. Apps like “mySkin” also help users find the best skin care products for their skin type. For a personalized recommendation, build a wish list in the app to review with your dermatologist at your next appointment. We think “2000 Beauty Tips,” “Age Defying Tricks,” and “Natural Beauty Tips” are fun.

Assess Acne and Aging
With “Skinfoto,” users can take before-and-after photos of problem areas to track acne, skin tone and pore size and monitor how the face reacts to particular skin care products. “My Own App” also uses photos and facial recognition technology to assess the signs of aging by measuring the number of lines, wrinkles and age spots on a user’s face.

Minimize UV exposure
Get localized, real-time information on UVA and UVB rays to help plan your day and minimize exposure to the harmful rays with apps like “MyUVAlert,” “Sunblock,” and “Ultraviolet.” Some of the apps also provide sunscreen reapplication reminder alerts and tips for staying safe in the sun.

Detect skin cancer
Apps like “LoveMySkin,” “SkinVision” and “UMSkinCheck” are available to help evaluate suspicious moles or skin lesions for skin cancer. The apps let users take a photograph or scan of the suspicious area and then uses mathematical formulas to check for the ABCDEs of skin cancer: asymmetry, irregular border, varied color, a diameter larger than a pencil eraser and the evolution of the area (any new symptom or change in size, shape, color, or elevation). Some of the apps also allow users to track moles over time, set periodic self-exam reminders and even send snapshots directly to their dermatologists.

While beauty and medical apps can be beneficial for preventive maintenance and provide insight into your skin health, they are not a definitive source for diagnosing skin conditions. In fact, the apps often carry disclaimers that they cannot provide accurate diagnosing and should not be used to replace advice from a trained physician. The skin care experts at Greenville Dermatology are available to help you find the best products and treatments for your skin. Visit us today or schedule a consultation by calling (864) 242-5872. 

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