Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Greenville Dermatology Supports ‘Don’t Fry Day’ to Prepare Families for Summer

Last Friday, Greenville Dermatology hosted our first ever ”Don’t Fry Day” event to encourage sun safety and raise awareness of skin cancer in support of the National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention. It was a huge success!

We handed out 1,000 free bottles of sunscreen and T-shirts at high-traffic pedestrian and shopping areas as everyone was heading outside to kick off the Memorial Day holiday. We also shared tips for keeping skin safe during the hot summer months.

Some of the important tips we shared for staying safe in the sun include:

·         Applying sunscreen generously and often
·         Wearing sun protective clothing, a hat and sunglasses
·         Seeking shade as often as possible

In addition to these preventive measures, it is also important to schedule regular skin screenings. In fact, 99 percent of skin cancers are curable if caught early, and skin screenings play a large role in detecting skin cancer in the early, treatable stages. Exams are painless, only take 15 minutes and could save your life.

While skin cancer affects people of all races and skin types, those with lighter skin or who burn easily are at a higher risk of developing this deadly disease over time. You should have regular skin screenings if:

·         You have an immediate family member who has had melanoma
·         You have had even one case of severe sunburn, especially if you are fair skinned
·         You are age 40 or older, especially if you have fair skin and if you have had prolonged exposure to the sun

Click here to learn more about detecting skin cancer.

Stop by Greenville Dermatology for a skin screening and to stock up on sunscreen before you head outside this summer. Contact our office at (864) 242-5872 to schedule an appointment. 

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