Monday, July 7, 2014 Article: Six Ways to Improve Wrinkles

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Almost everyone would like to look younger. However, we all differ in how severe our wrinkles are. We may have a few fine lines or deep furrows or we may have a combination of fine lines and deep furrows. Here is a list of wrinkle reducers from the least invasive to the most radical to help us improve our wrinkles.

1. Sunscreen
Wear a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher with the words "broad spectrum" on the label every day and frequently reapply it.

2. Topical Exfoliating Cleansers and Retinoids
Use an exfoliating cleanser that contains glycolic acid to increase the turnover of skin cells on the face and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Adding a topical retinoid cream such as Retin-a at night also improves and preserves the collagen layer that becomes damaged with age.

3. Chemical Peels and Facials
Chemical peels and facials are more aggressive ways to exfoliate the skin. One peel or facial can accomplish what using an exfoliating cleanser would do in weeks to months.

4. Laser Resurfacing or Tightening
The next step in reducing wrinkles is laser resurfacing or lasers that tighten the skin. There are two types of lasers that resurface the skin: ablative and non-ablative (more commonly known as "fractional"). Non-ablative resurfacing is very safe, but may take multiple treatments to accomplish significant improvement in wrinkles. Lasers that tighten the skin target deeper layers of the skin and can be very painful, but the resulting tightening of the skin can improve a significant amount of wrinkling.

5. Neurotoxins and Fillers
One way to reduce wrinkles quickly is with neurotoxins (Botox and its competitors) and fillers that target the brow lines, “crow’s feet” and the so called “parentheses and “marionette” lines around the mouth. Newer products such as Sculptra and Voluma replace the volume lost in our faces as we age which reduces deeper wrinkles. The improvement that these products offer lasts from 3 months up to over a year.

6. Facelift
The ultimate wrinkle reducer is the facelift. For some, this may be the best option. A facelift used to be a very major procedure and still can be. However, there are abbreviated versions of a full face lift that can be done on an outpatient basis.

Most cosmetic doctors agree that a combination of treatments usually works better than a single treatment. To speak with a dermatologist or plastic surgeon about the best plan for your skin, call Greenville Dermatology at (864) 242-5872 today.

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